Welcome to my Tribe of One

The Myth of the Tribe

There is a myth of the tribe. This myth says that we are all, every human being on earth, part of a great tribe of humanity. I stopped believing in this myth. I think what makes us truly human is our individuality. True, there are tribes of like-minded people for any topic. However, I believe that the more you look at yourself and others, the more you realize that the only person you have everything in common with is you. You are a tribe of one. I may find others who share my love of the outdoors, but some of them like to see it from the back of a horse. The ones that do walk it on their own two legs may be hunters, whereas I'm a fisherman and a backpacker. Of the fishermen, some — like me — prefer freshwater lakes, streams and rivers. Others choose the salty depths. Freshwater fishermen often fish from large or small boats. I fish from kayaks and canoes. As I narrow each group farther and farther, there are fewer people as the tribe falls apart into smaller and smaller like-minded segments. Like a three dimensional incarnation of Venn's famous diagrams, each division results in a tighter and more fully described set. Eventually, I end up with a tribe of one — me. This tribe is the only one with the cohesiveness of complete commonality. I might form bonds between myself and other tribes, but these "clans" will never match the wholeness of my tribe of one.

Not that I think this is a bad thing. I enjoy my status as high priest and chieftan of my tribe, and I know the value of forming partnerships with others, so this site is just one of the places where my tribe interacts with other tribes. It is my ambassador, my translator, my tribe's historian and missionary...

...and my tribal totem is the blue frog.

The Clan of the Blue Frog

The blue frog, a symbol borrowed from a song of tolerance nearly as old as I am, represents my eagerness to know and understand the other tribes: both the plural and the singular ones. So browse around. Maybe our tribes have something in common. Maybe I can teach you something — or learn something from you. Perhaps we can form a beneficial — albeit imperfect — tribal bond.

Welcome to my Clan of the Blue Frog.